How to prevent colon cancer

Unfortunately, colon cancer is becoming more common today - in developed countries, this is one of three oncology diseases that prematurely claim the lives of people. Therefore, to know the basic rules that help to prevent colon cancer is to everyone.

colon cancer prevention
colon cancer prevention

Of course, if you have a predisposition to cancer, including family history, these recommendations are unlikely to help avoid developing the disease. Still, you can protect yourself from this terrible disease, if you follow the mentioned below advice and undergo regular inspection (in this case with the help of a survey of the colon colonoscopy).

What you need to do to prevent the development of cancer of the rectum?

1. quit smoking

Anyone knows how bad smoking is for your health. But for some reason, many people associate zhtu habit only in an increased risk of developing lung cancer. But oncology and other organs, including the colon, increases many times because of smoking.

Some statistics: the risk of developing colorectal cancer in smokers by 17% higher than that of a person who does not smoke.

2. Limit consumption of red meat

The best option - to cook it once a week, the rest of the time it is better to abandon it in favor of fish and chicken. But it is necessary not so much to remove from the diet of red meat, many industrial products from it - all sorts of sausages, smoked and canned.

3. Fight obesity

Obesity - one of the biggest risk factors for the development of bowel cancer. Get rid of excess weight you repeatedly reduces the likelihood of not only colorectal cancer. but also other serious diseases.

4. eliminate physical inactivity

Sedentary lifestyle - a scourge of modern times.

A small example of his personal life, which, I think, there is now every man. I have neighbors behind the wall, even to the drugstore to buy some bread and go by car - I've never seen them to go somewhere on foot. As a result - her husband of 45 years diagnosed with a tumor of the rectum, removed part of it, and he still is in "limbo" state.

Move as much as possible. There are so many gadgets that allow you to motivate yourself to move. For example, I bought a fitness tracker, set to its minimum benchmark in 8 k steps and try every day to perform even this small norm. Every day - a small victory.

5. Eat more fruits and vegetables

The minimum amount of fresh fruits and vegetables should not be less than a pound a day! But remember, how often do you eat fresh, unprocessed foods heat?

Not necessarily to go and buy expensive overseas fruits (which, incidentally, is also quite useful - the same avocado, for example). A couple of fresh carrots, fresh cabbage salad with greens and 2 medium apples - this is your "daily plan" and executed.

colon cancer prevention
colon cancer prevention

6. Give up alcohol

Like smoking, drinking provokes different tumor processes, including causing cancer of the rectum.

Ideally, the alcohol should be abandoned altogether - this product does not carry any useful value to the body. There is no "useful or therapeutic doses" - in any quantity and quality of any alcohol - a direct poison, which is inactivated by the liver and excreted from the body.

But even if you can not completely eliminate alcohol from life, although yuy lower the frequency of its employment. And try to choose high-quality products - the best red wine.

These simple tips will not only will reduce the likelihood of developing colon cancer, but also improve the whole body.

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