How to restore the old door?

If your old door you value not only as a memory, but also because of the fact that it is made of of wood, it is more expedient solution would be restoration, rather than the change of the door unit. Despite the fact that the restoration process is laborious, output in addition to the moral satisfaction results in significant cost savings. More than one year will serve competently restored door unit, creating the impression of a new product.

Before attempting to repair the door, you must make sure that all the recovery steps have been provided with the necessary tools and supplies. You will need tools such as planer, hammer, needle file, chisel, screwdriver, sanding machine, screwdriver, construction hairdryer, brush, roller and trowel. Of supplies come in handy liquid old paint from wood products, skin sanding, rails and slats of wood, polymer cement, putty, acrylic, enamel, lacquer, penoteks. From the hardware you'll need wood screws, nails, washers.

An important consideration when selecting materials for restoration, not only the type of wood, as well as the old paint layer thickness, the presence of distortions, deformations and cracks. All of the above affects how much work you have to spend. It will overhaul the entire structure or coating the web with varnish and paint old pre-treatment layer.

The whole process can be divided into several stages.

The first step is to get rid of the old layer of varnish and paint. To do this, remove the door from its hinges and lay it horizontally, the first treatment for the removal of the old paint. After a while, the old layer, without difficulty, can be removed with a putty knife. In some areas you may need to use a hair dryer building. After removing the old layer should sander surface treatment or by using abrasive paper. Using the first big, then fine sandpaper - you will achieve the maximum smooth surface. After sanding process will eliminate the need vplyvshie defects such as chips and cracks. This can be done using acrylic putty for wooden products. After drying putty is necessary once again to polish the surface. In conclusion, the recovery process will cover the door unit frosted or clear lacquer.

All of the above process will be very economical, and the door will be restored to look like new.

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