How to choose a substrate for laminate?

extruded polystyrene
extruded polystyrene

Before laying the laminate, even on the smoothest surface, you need to take care of the choice of backing under the floor covering, as the presence of the substrate ensures smoothing of the smallest irregularities and flaws subfloor. And the worse prepared rough surface, the thicker it is necessary to select a backing material (within reason).

In the market of building materials there are many varieties of substrates for floor coverings, but the most widely used the following types:

  • cork - is the most expensive, but one of the best options. It is made of cork. Is environmentally friendly embodiment, moreover, has high thermal insulation. Because of its high cost it is rarely used for laminate and is suitable more for expensive flooring;
  • polyethylene foam - more budget option, has been widely used as an underlay for laminate. Material insulates heat well, but poorly insulates noise. Most often sold in rolls. By cons include the relative fragility;
  • Extruded polystyrene - It is in the middle price range. Well insulate sound and heat, as well as compensate for uneven floors. Of the disadvantages can be identified incompatibility with warm floors;
  • Polyurethane foil - often used for bonding a laminate together with warm floors;
  • Coniferous substrate - eco-friendly material. Excellent keeps warm, is a good sound insulator, worthy copes with small irregularities. It can not only be applied to the laminate, and also suitable for linoleum and carpet. Suitable for floors with underfloor heating.

Most often, the substrate is sold in rolls and plates. When rolling out recommend roll staple lengths of material with adhesive tape to the substrate were leaving the sheets when laying the floor covering. Similarly recommend polozhku and secured in the plates to plates form a single continuous surface.

Fastening plates ordinary adhesive tape. You can use masking tape
Fastening plates ordinary adhesive tape. You can use masking tape

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