A little about tokarno- milling machines for wood

A little about tokarno- milling machines for wood

modern combined tokarno- milling machine for wood It is meant for a special relief-milling round wooden blanks which have approximate dimensions 1200h150h150 millimeters, and even for special milling of workpieces of wood in the working area around 1200h800h150 millimeters.

At the round-milling special lathe machine module on a tree can be done applying sophisticated carving wooden balusters. On this machine, you can engage in the manufacture of screw wooden balusters as well as to produce polyhedra with the application of decorative grooves for special complex profiles wooden balusters.

The special milling part machines for wood You can perform complex milling, engraving works, Jig-boring. You can, for example, to create a stained glass, curved cut out material to create modern art parquet, to produce models for vacuum forming, efficiently perform relief work with 2D and 3D carving tree.

The modern market offers for the supply of special equipment for such modern furniture factories, carpentry workshops, manufacturers of ladders made of wood, design production studios, as well as for modern parquet productions.

Such machines They allow us to decorate your life with unique and elegant woodwork. specialist work on such a machine is comparable to the work of the artist, as an artist and master and give people the beauty, originality and elegance.

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