Exercises that do not need to combine

Some types of exercise do not mix with each other. Their joint performance reduces the effectiveness of the workout. Today we will discuss the most common mistakes that beginners in the gym.

Deadlifts and squats

These exercises are similar in technique but different body position and placement of the feet. Their combination can give excessive strain on leg muscles and buttocks corset. Therefore, to perform together in one workout squats and deadlifts do not need, especially if you use your same weight.

Squats and bench press barbell

Both of these exercises is very heavy in the back, so they are in any case can not be performed during one session. And strictly forbidden to combine with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, joints and feet.

Training triceps and chest

Triceps is involved in the exercises, which pumped the chest muscles. But he is not capable to withstand such loads, therefore it is not necessary to train these muscle groups simultaneously. Professional athletes are sometimes pumped over the triceps than the chest to quickly gain muscle mass or to prepare for CrossFit. But beginners should not be so experiment, lack of experience can lead to injuries and sprains.

Trainers and deadlifts with straight legs

Do not combine these exercises because they give more stress on the knees. If you really want to perform traction, do another kind - Romanian. It is performed in the half-bent position.

Pull-ups and tilts forward

When you pull-up, you engage the muscles of the shoulder and back. Corset muscles are not used. The slopes on the contrary works waist, and even thigh muscles and buttocks. The combination of these exercises is possible. But in this case it is necessary to be extremely careful. You can overdo it and much load back.

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