And we all know about the stretch ceilings ?!

Ceilings appeared in ancient Rome. The Romans first came up to pull the fabric over his head. Since it was very convenient for the design of large halls. Basically, the color has been picked up by the color of the walls, it was very convenient in the sense that when the ceiling was losing its original appearance it's easy to win again. The same species was found in Armenia about the XVII century. Fabric impregnated with chalk and stretched on a frame, when the fabric dries, it would produce a perfectly flat surface.

People who have already installed them at home will certainly appreciate the convenience and practicality. There are a variety of suspended ceilings with different functions. For example, the luminous. They are used in areas with poor lighting. Forms may be different depending on the design of the room. In the ceiling mounted fluorescent light bulbs, light from which is passed from the surface of translucent acrylic plates. Mounted on the frame of steel parts. There fireproof ceilings, whose functions: to prevent the spread of fire from both the ceiling void and from the bottom up. For this kind of use the special arrangement of light elements. Installing them is also not difficult. The first thing it all starts the stopwatch. For the convenience of such measurements using a laser rangefinder. On the basis of these data, the layout is created, it is calculated with the help of computer programs.

Further supporting documentation is issued and it all goes to production. Ready ceilings price, which depends on many factors that are installed by experienced installers, with using a baguette and a heat gun and other power tools that you can buy on our site The main function of baguette secure fastening. The edges are processed and secured a harpoon on baguette. Stretch ceilings are of great advantage from the ceiling plasterboard, false ceilings in the fact that they do not crack or fade. In the event of a water leak, they can withstand the load from 50-100 kilograms, depending on the fabric. After that they can be dried by hot air flow and it takes the same form. Also, they can be easily mount any chandeliers, lamps, ventilation. Or reduce the level of the ceiling and close the existing water pipes in the apartment or vent communication.

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