Why is it important to give children water instead of sugary drinks and tea

Adult body is three-quarters of the water, the child's body - 80%. Water is the habitat of cells that provide metabolism and energy conversion. Using water nutrients get into the cell and waste products are displayed. That is why the quality of the fluid intake is very important. For children clean water - a guarantee of full development, health and growth.

Modern problems - lack of drinking regime

Children nowadays almost no drinking water in their bottles and mugs lemonade, soda or sweet tea. But tissues need clean water, thus begins to separate from the body of the beverage drinking water and dissolved compounds. This process is wasted energy that has been formed for entirely different purposes.

If you are constantly drinking sugary drinks, cells and tissues will be in the aquatic environment with the waste that hinder the flow of nutrients. Under such conditions, the cell reduces its effectiveness by 50%. As a result, there comes a dehydration, which can cause distress in children and increase the risk of many diseases.

The generation of our grandparents drank lemonade and fruit compote on holidays, for their thirst was always water. Tea and coffee was seen as an attribute of hospitality and delicious breakfast. Today's children are only a tea or drink: and cold and hot, with and without additives. At the same Coke quench thirst after physical education classes. Negligent parents malt tea, even small children, and give drink through a bottle, not knowing how much damage the child's health they cause.

Horrifying trend of the disease "rejuvenated"

Doctors beat the alarm: the disease that previously appeared only in adults, began to appear in young children. Modern women are having fewer babies healthy. One-fifth of all children is overweight. The third part is a digestive organs problems. And almost all the children have reduced immunity, so always ill with colds and children encountered at every step of allergies do not surprise anyone.

Lack of water inhibits growth of the organism, increases the risk of disease, including heart attack, stroke and cancer. Metabolism in children and adolescents is gaining incredible speed, to provide a complete supply of nutrients to the growing tissue. These processes require large amounts of water, but today's children do not drink it.

What is the water suitable for children

To hold the moisture balance in the body and provide all the necessary materials for the development will be enough to drink ordinary clean water. Take care to contain a minimum of extraneous inclusions, e.g., drink only boiled water and filtered. You can drive a buy in the store, but make sure that the packaging was not marks "sparkling", "mineral". It is important that the composition had no colorings and flavorings. Only such water is good for health and growth madysha.

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