What to choose - a bath or shower? expert opinion

One of the most important places in the apartment - bathroom. Moving into a new apartment is not possible, if this important part is not ready for use.

Before you begin repairs in the bathroom, it is necessary to answer the burning question: to put a bath or shower?

bath more accustomed to the population of our country, because it is they were equipped with bathrooms in Soviet homes. The appearance on the market, many showers are preferring them as from a desire for a new, and because of the obvious advantages of this design: Compact and versatile.

What to choose?

However, the choice is not obvious and depends on the personal preferences of the owners of the apartment, as well as on the area of ​​the bathroom.

If you want to save area, you can use the shower to do it, of course, much easier than using the bath. The vacated space will perfectly fit a washing machine, laundry basket or shelf for towels.

shower cabinWithout taking up a lot of space, can replace multiple devices. In addition to the shower cubicle, as a rule, provided with hydromassage, the steam generator, sensor temperature, and sometimes even the radio or CD player, not to mention the mirrors and shelves for bath items.

The use of the shower and it makes sense that if you are going to be installed in the apartment water meters: cab saves water several times more efficient than baths.


But what do you do if you're used to for a long time to luxuriate in a bath with foam, to arrange a night of aromatherapy? Of course, in this case, better to choose a bath, even if I have to sacrifice a part of the space, because a long time to luxuriate in the shower did not work.

Have children should also push for the shower bath preference: the children are unlikely to appreciate the technical "bells and whistles", and the possibility to swim in the company of rubber toys are unlikely to refuse. And adults comfortably bathe the baby in the bath, but not in the shower.

Those who are used to focus primarily on price, have challenging course, Multifunctional showersEquipped with all that is possible, it is much more expensive baths, but showers simple models are comparable in price to a suite.

Experts remind us of the existence of a compromise, which is sure to suit fluctuating: combined shower bath. By analogy with the shower, this bath has a guard rail, a shower, hydromassage possibility steam device and equipped with shelves, mirror and illumination as needed.

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