How really worth saving, but as it is not necessary in the repair of apartments

This question is asked by everyone who ever dared to make repairs in their apartment, room or other premises of another. But really worth saving, and how not to know only a few.

We will tell you the secret:

1. If you want to make quality repairs, it is not necessary to save the expense of buying a smaller volume of material, it will lead to disruption of the process. If you do not have enough funds to renovate the entire room, it is best to break it down into stages, first to make the ceiling, then walls, etc.

Thus, gradually you will repair the entire room, and repairs will be much high-quality and durable. There is independent, will you do it yourself or contact a specialist. Main watch to buy the materials and ask them to report for the supply and price, if you is entrusted the organization.

2. Make your own, or contact the experts? Here you can go three ways: Make yourself, find the private master or go to a specialized organization.

2.1 To make repairs themselves: It is important to understand that you want to get in the end. I have not met a person who would do a quality repair at home (I do not consider the masters, they often imagine themselves doing repairs). But I have met people who have tried to make the repairs yourself, spoil heap material than the complicated work of a specialist, and as a result have increased their costs and lost a lot of time.

If you believe in yourself and realize that you are ready to make a repair, it will be the most economical option for you, but do not forget - you live with it.

2.2 If you are not confident in their abilities, and do not have enough time, you can try to find the private master. Then as luck, unless of course you do not have the recommended master, can a relative (although relatives to work much harder than with outsiders)

And so, with what you might encounter there: There are not bona fide wizard that will take you to the money much more than a specialized organization, there are masters, who do not quality, building on the client incompetence, the wizard does not give you a guarantee, not rarely masters take money from a client and did not finish the work, disappear.

But there are pluses: This is by far the most profitable choice for the customer for repair, the only good masters are hard to find, it either works in good and stable organization, either to his place for a year forward.

2.3 Referring to a specialized organization, you will not only get a quality repair, but the warranty. By signing the contract, you remain in full confidence that your repairs will be made on time and in compliance with all technologies. For this you can pay a premium and a small amount, because the private master will not work for free.

Good masters sometimes assess their work is not less than the organization. Why is that, in well-organized and stable large volume of work that allow permanent provide masters work at private master volume is not always stable and they increase prices to compensate their "downtime."

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