How accurately conceal sewer pipes. The most popular methods

Hide pipe in the toilet or bath in several ways: make a box around the pipes of metal and plastic, or thrust them into the wall by welding and jackhammer.

We also offer installation, with which you will be able to hide anything that is not worthy of the eye. To do this, we will have a bit of havoc walls and redo the pipe, but only so that the entire system is covered with a copper basin, after we closed it.

So we hide our sewer system in a box.

To start doing layout and calculate the yardage to build a profile of a metal framework, which will subsequently be attached to the walls and floor.

You can use wood instead of metal, it is a cheaper option, but less reliable, tree may deform when moisture separation due to temperature difference between the hot and cold tubami water.

Then, the frame itself is attached to a wall covered with sheets of plastic and joints are closed as plastic corners. It can be used to cover not only the plastic, as well as special and plywood with a water repellent effect or smooth gypsum board coated with plastic.

Importantly do not forget to make a box so that it is easily understood in the case of leaking pipes or meter replacement for water, well, for them it is possible to make a window with a door opening, so that in case of failure, it is not necessary to dismantle the entire design.

The following method is more complicated, here we hit a wall, our pipes.

To hide the pipe inside the wall, we need to drive to the Bulgarian stone. And by using it, we cut through the recess to insert tubes into the openings. Once you have laid the pipe to the right place, and now need a solution for its bookmarks or cover that you have decided to issue its own bathroom covering all the pipes. This method is very problematic is if your sewer pipes are old, then it is wise to replace them with new ones, otherwise in case of a leak, you have to break it all over again.

And for the purchase of new pipes, it is necessary to know what kinds there.

- copper or stainless steel, they are usually soldered connection that speaks to their long life, but such pipes usually are not cheap
- pipes of cast iron, this type of pipes worth of cheaper, but the duration of their work is not long
- pipes of metal, coated plastic, such pipes are not recommended to be put in general, they often give a leakage due to sudden changes in temperature
- an ideal option is to pipe the polymer (polypropylene), they are soldered very well and so the service life may be long enough to forget about their existence.

There is a list of rules that must be followed when hiding from the eyes of the pipes

1. Before you get started, you need to clearly calculate where you will have the door or the window provides access to your counters for verification and write-off figures.

2. Pipes concealed in the wall, before they lay, it is necessary to cover them with insulation to avoid temperature changes, this will give a long period of work. The same can be insulated and covered with tubes in a box to avoid fumes and structural distortion, if you have it from the tree.

3. To avoid frequent leak, the pipe is better to take the whole, to have been a maximum of two spikes, the beginning and the end of the pipe

4. Sami clip for connecting pipes, must be necessarily of the same material as that of your tube.

Next disguise pipes in the toilet

There are several ways to hide them: a false wall, deceives the eye; wall of blinds that can be raised and lowered; and also put a box and decorate it to your liking; or if the toilet is large enough, you can create the interior of the furniture and cover the full horror of the pipes.

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