New Year just around the corner. How to decorate the windows of the apartment for the New Year

Children on vacation. What to do with children? Hike in water park? The shopping and entertainment center? Sometimes parents even during the holiday season may not be enough time for it, and someone financial problems.

Do not hesitate, if the child does not take, followed by laundry hang on "with Vkontakte" or endless "toys" (I'm sure that in a rare family does not have a computer).

For example, in our city is now slush that still, neither you snow, ice and frost. Nor on the roller coaster ride or walk normally.

The surest way to distract children from the computer or pranks - to do joint business. And you can still at this and decorate the apartment for the New Year.

Hang garland glowing lights, decorate the Christmas tree, cut a bunch of snowflakes improvised - all this is known to everyone.

I want to tell you about how I was a child adorned with windows in the apartment of the parents to the New Year.

Now it may seem strange, but 30-35 years ago, we have drawn on the windows.

Dad took us to your favorite picture rascherchival its parallel and perpendicular lines in the cells. Then, on the window glass was applied to the same number of cells horizontally and vertically.

Then repeated in every cell line in the image, each bend. When a pattern was prepared, I advancing the turn colorization. We painted it a miracle conventional watercolors.

The windows in our apartment facing different directions: to the yard and the street. Therefore, it is especially pleasant to draw on the two windows, and easily recognize your apartment among the many windows on all sides of the house.

More decorations in the course were snowflakes cut from the notebook sheet. They are well kept on the windows, if a little water to moisten the glass and glue snowflakes. Conversely, you can moisten snowflakes.

The figures we have been doing quite large, almost a half of the window. However, they are easily washed away.

Especially our family loved heroes of the cartoon "Well, wait a minute!". The wolf and the hare often flaunted in our windows during the holiday season.

Flushed Away is usually after January 13 or when the like. I love it when people looked at the passing our windows.

I wish you happy holidays, have fun with your children. Another is to strengthen the family. Try!

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