How to Hang a chandelier in the suspended ceiling with his hands

In order to properly hang a chandelier in the stretch ceiling is necessary to know some features of the fastening process.

In this article we will talk about how to properly hang a chandelier in the suspended ceiling while avoiding applications effortlessly. However, before you start to understand, define in what problems occur in people who want to hang a chandelier on the basis of this type.

At first, Suspended ceiling is a kind of film which is stretched in a special way on a specially mounted frame for it. Based on this, the main task of the master is not to damage the film. It is very easy to cut or tear.

If this happens, try to fix the injury, so that the gap is not increased. To do this, you can connect it with electrical tape or duct tape. After this procedure, you need to call third-party specialists to eliminate defects.

Secondly, There are cases when mounting the chandelier inexperienced person, when there are depressions or gaps ceiling. Therefore, in the process of fixing, it is necessary to watch closely to the chandelier fits snugly against the edge of the ceiling, but, nevertheless, does not deform it toward the floor.

So exist Three basic types of mounting: hook mounting plate and mounting plate Phillips. To begin, let's deal with the peculiarities of each attachment. Ceiling hook mounted in the concrete slab of the main ceiling. As a rule, it is connected with it is very reliable and has the advantage that you do not need to create any additional structures for mounting chandeliers. However, it must be remembered that the film tension should be slightly above the position of the hook. When fixing in a form excluded deformation ceiling covering film.

Mounting plate It made of wood material, and, like the ceiling hook must also be securely fixed to the main ceiling of the film before stretching the roof. Level the mounting plate must be either at the level of a stretch ceiling or be just below it in order to completely eliminate the deformation of the film by pressing glass chandeliers. Remember to pre-check the wiring efficiency. Since when stretched ceiling will make it almost impossible.

Phillips mounting plate It designed for larger and large chandeliers. Therefore, the base strap is also much broader than than the simple mounting plate. The edges of the cross strap is better to do exactly the size of the edges of the chandeliers. In this case, the weight is distributed evenly around the perimeter of the wooden structure. In the corners of cross strap makes special legs, which are attached to the primary concrete base.

Importantly and the desired design of chandeliers themselves. When buying pay attention to the position of the lamp. It is desirable that the lamp shades were closed. In this case, excluded appearance of dark spots on the film tension when illuminated room. If you do decide to buy a chandelier lamps with open, make sure that they are not directed to the top of the ceiling, and in the lateral direction.

Also do not forget about electricity savings. Purchase energy-saving lamps. When mounting the watch so that the tension between the film and the edge of the lampshades with lamps was a distance of at least 25 centimeters. Failure to follow these recommendations entail overheating of the tension of the web.

The process of attaching the chandelier in the suspended ceiling at the beginning right approach does not require much effort. The main thing is to try to provide the main points that may arise in the implementation of this work. In that case, if you are still not confident in their abilities, it is necessary to see a specialist.

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