Do not rush to call the wizard to install the faucet yourself

Today, we consider in detail all the stages of work, starting with the removal and finishing installation of the mixer.

Dismantle the mixer

Before you start work, you must turn off the tap water, and then be sure to check whether anything is not flowing. This step is optional. And only after you're done with it, you can start the rest of the work - unscrewing nuts.

Try to defend themselves from a few ill-considered actions. For example, you can lay under a thick cloth fabric that will protect your neighbors if the water suddenly gush from a faucet. Also, do not forget about the bathtub - if you drop any items, you can damage the enamel, and so it will be protected.

You should not swear, if the nuts on the different valves unscrewed bad - try changing the direction of loosening, as all little messed up in many designs. If you find laths, remove them and remove eccentrics - this is not an easy task.

They need to be removed very carefully so you do not damage the special vodorozetki and corners. Otherwise, the repair will cost you a good amount. All dismantling this is over, which means you can install the new faucet.

Install the faucet for the bathroom

To start cams are screwed into the socket, which will help to connect water supply. To do this we will need to purchase a special tape or plumbing "flax." These materials will help to efficiently and quickly complete the connection, however, they are quite expensive.

After this adapter is screwed, thus they should be the same distance. Otherwise, even if the difference is a few millimeters, you just do not install a mixer or this work will take time.

Typically, the work is performed as follows: first, twirl the first cam and the second half only. Then we apply our mixer and evaluates the result. If there is a need to tighten up the details, it is necessary to perform the work of an adapter.

At the same time, this step must be performed before you start using the seal. After that is screwed onto the eccentric lining, while here we do not need any additional special tools.

The most important process - the installation of the mixer. In that case, if we use an adjustable wrench, you can scratch the decorative coating. If you do not have special tools and soft inserts, just throw in a key soft cloth. It is important that the dimensions of the mounting nuts exactly the same.

Tip: Do not use a pipe wrench, because one wrong move can lead to the fact that you just break the nut, and this - the additional costs.

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