Guardianship authorities demanded the woman to make the repair, the men helped the woman free. Photos Before / After.

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Each of us can be in difficult situations, and that the woman there was not an easy fate.

At one point she decided to leave her husband, who was not working, sitting at home and just drank. After retiring from the men, he had to live in a very old and frankly "killed" the apartment.

The woman had two daughters, and had enough money only for food and clothing the minimum necessary, and with shattered family - the trouble is not come one and the guardianship, visiting the apartment and assessing children's living conditions, said that if the repair will not be made - children take away.

Money sorely lacking, and the woman in social networks asked for help, fortunately, we responded to the men who were willing to free repair kitchen and bathroom.

Before the repair, photo quality is certainly not the best, but it is possible to estimate the full extent of the disaster.

Plaster fell off the walls, the wiring runs right along the walls and it was not safe.

About the sink and a bathroom with toilet, generally nothing to say, no hygiene and sanitary standards - is not there.

Men quickly bought all you need to repair at his own expense in the Leroy Merlin and get to work.

Period for the elimination of the comments was made small, and had to do everything.

The bathroom was fully replaced with tile, installed a new bathroom, the sink and set the mixer.

Yes, to repair using the cheapest materials, but compared to what it was before the repair - the decision does not have any role and in any case it's better than nothing.

In the kitchen, too, everything is altered, installed a new kitchen, washed the plate, as well as a refrigerator.

We made apron, held on the new wiring and installed new switches and sockets.

The walls are painted in a light gray color.

Full result of the work can be evaluated on the collage below, in our opinion the work was carried out elegant, and most importantly from the guardianship after claims a woman was no more and the children will remain with mom.

The men who responded and helped in a difficult situation, a huge well done, in a word, the real men.

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