Modern and soothing style design apartment

Select pastel shades respectively lit room. To create a modern style, it is better to use a more "male" beige / brown or gray tones instead of shades that contain pink pigment.

Make sure that the wall surfaces are carefully processed, ie. E. flat and smooth, and finishing means for use in water-based, such as vinyl matt emulsion. Choose furniture and accessories with angular or sculpted lines and create accents using graphical figures and parts of chromium or a metal.

Add a mirror or shiny parts, such as mirrors in a silver frame, glass tables and metal ornaments. Dark wood and leather also look good in such a situation, especially if you put the upholstered furniture in the same tones. Floor coverings should be simple: it is best to fit a simple wood, laminate or tile. If you want to add elements of luxury, choose black carpets of simple shape and the loop-pile rugs.

The pattern will look good on the curtains, the walls and upholstered furniture, especially abstract and graphic drawings or pictures of animals. Here is more suitable large patterns, but they should be used in small amounts, for example Poquelin wallpaper on one wall only or combine patterned curtains with solid walls.

Kitchen select cabinet doors with smooth and add a few modern touches, such as metal pens, open shelves and frosted glass. The working surface may be shiny and matt, solid but select "industrial" materials, such as polished granite, artificial stone decorative Corian or steel.

soothing styles

Any pastel shade can be used to create a relaxed atmosphere, but your goal - a soft "blurred" effect without sharp contrasts and transitions, so choose a color that is suitable for the walls and for the soft furniture. For example, any chocolate and credit-movye pinkish colors have a natural soothing aura.

If you prefer a more dramatic white tones with gray or bluish tint, add items more gently: flooring or upholstered furniture. Use a variety of fabrics to give originality and luxury interior. Suede, wool jersey and cotton look very impressive. Combine elements with a rough surface and a smooth, pleasant to the touch.

Soft pastel colors will create the effect of "faded" hue. It is particularly well suited for bedrooms and kitchens, where the pastel walls can be combined with painted wood to create a country-style antiques. You can combine different colors, but avoid sharp contrasts and brilliant finishes: a style more suited to a muted palette. Patterns look good on the floor and walls, but at the same time, use a gentle floral patterns, stripes or a cage. Plain or painted wooden floors also work: put the carpets with patterns of wool or other natural materials such as sisal or jute.

Details should be simple and homemade. Look good pictures within and mirrors in massive frames, especially if you combine antique and modern elements. Add the soft accents of blue-gray, pale lilac shades and sea green. Painted wood white or cream color - a classic choice for a quiet kitchen in shekerskom style.

Combine it with warmer natural materials: beech and terracotta surfaces coated floor. Rough parts such as tongue and groove panel and the traditional ceramic sink, well combined with modern elements, such as utensils made of stainless steel.

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