Choosing a floor covering or 4 best material for the floor

Everyone at least once in life thought about repairs. Along with the pleasure of the process of renovation and causes anxiety.

many worries there - How to choose a design, select materials and tools. It will take free time and thought the consumer without a trace.

In this article we will discuss on the market today materials floor.

Entering the house, we naturally pay attention to the floor. How it fits into the interior than it is nestled in what colors soaked coat, whether floor materials are combined. This individually and fit the taste of the owner.

Here are common types of coverings to the floor: parquet (natural or artificial), laminate floors, linoleum, ceramic tile, carpet.

Let's start with parquet

Wood - familiar to every pleasant and natural material. Wooden floors inherent natural heat. Their characteristics are: road appearance, low heat and sound insulation, high wear resistance (wooden board will serve you for 50 years). Parquet made of maple, oak, ash, pear, beech, cherry. Due to this diversity is achieved and the pattern of colors parquet.

And for preferring practicality in using suitable laminate. It does not require laying a special coating, does not burn, is light in taking care, resistant to shock, scratch, and abrasion. For the price it compares favorably with natural parquet.


Linoleum is divided into residential, commercial and semi-commercial. The main indicator of quality and service life of linoleum - the thickness of the top layer (wear layer). Appliance linoleum used in each dwelling, regardless of the intensity of walking. This coating is used on the floor in bedrooms, hallways, children's rooms, living rooms, kitchens.

If you are looking for a heavy-duty linoleum for home or office, buy semi commercial linoleum. It is used in areas with medium pedestrian traffic. The choice of color of the floor material is unlimited, so you choose the color, which is combined with the interior of your home.


If you like to feel under their feet warm high pile if your room's color scheme lacks completeness, but too small room would not hurt the feeling of space, the right choice of carpet cope with these problems.

Modern rugs are practical, tactile and differ in pattern, made of different materials. floor materials market offers thousands of types of carpets to choose from based on your personal wishes and budget. Such a coating reduces the load during walking. Reduces the background noise in the room, keeps the dust on the surface and does not allow her to rise into the air.

Ceramic tile

Another popular coating on the floor - a ceramic tile. This material is durable floor (keeps the original properties of 60 years). Take care of him easily, and colors truly inexhaustible. Tile waterproof and resistant to temperature changes, so it is great for the bathroom or kitchen.

Tile is divided into glazed and unglazed (the latter looks more natural, but does not involve a wide range of colors). For it is better to invite a professional installation, as the installation process is associated with certain difficulties.

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