Wallpaper for the nursery

Every parent has high requirements to wallpaper, which will be in the children's room of his child.

The first thing that they should pay attention to whether these wallpapers ekologichnobezopasnymi, ie not emit any harmful substances to the health of the child.

Second pay attention to the design, that is drawing it should be an enjoyable, non-irritating to the eyes and the child's psyche.

Third on that draw attention, is a creative talent of the future owner, which brings the following to wallpaper requirements: that would quickly go out of fashion, resistance to paints, pencils, clay, and that is easy to laundered. And for parents it is desirable that after washing they retain their color and structure. The most traditional and inexpensive wallpaper paper.

Modern technologies allow to make this wallpaper washable, durable and wear-resistant. One of the most common choices for a child's room - it's lightweight vinyl wallpaper. According to the technology in the bottom layer of paper is applied a small vinyl paste layer, which allows to wash wallpaper in use.

The design of children's wallpaper is very diverse, do not forget that the figure should not bore your child, but on the contrary contribute to its rest. Just modern wallpaper divided into wallpaper for girls and boys of all ages.

Modern wallpapers are as different variety of effects, for example, at nightfall on the walls light up the stars, alive and floating butterflies, fairies, bees and various fairy-tale characters.

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