The secret to create coziness and comfort in the small kitchen

How to equip a small kitchen? There are several options, the simplest - an appeal to the company that will make any kitchen individually for the customer. But it is worth it dearly.

You can do everything yourself. It is necessary to solve several important issues.

Consider number and size of equipment. If you live in an apartment 1 - 2 people, it will be enough condenser were placed under the sink. It is important to decide how many burners required for convenience (2 or 4) if the oven is needed.

Microwave mounted on the wall, freeing the work surface. Remove the washer from the kitchen to the bath. When planning the furniture, hanging lockers extend to the ceiling, and the work surface to make little longer standard.

Great value plays and interior color. The kitchen should be carefully thought out lighting. It is worth considering whether the door is needed. If so, it is better to choose a door-coupe.

When choosing a dining table and chairs, to dwell on folding chairs, a table attached to the wall on a hinged leg.

Having considered all the points and possibly not finding a suitable option, can be equipped kitchenette. This "magic" case, in which all have!

Remember that the kitchen - it is a home and making repairs in the apartment kitchen should be given maximum attention.

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