Today at the station a man approached me and offered to buy an iPhone for 3,000 rubles, but I refused

Hello everyone, dear friends and subscribers. This article will be written in a slightly different format than my previous articles. In this article I will tell a story that literally happened to me a few hours ago. I don't like it when there is a lot of water in articles, so let's start.

In general, it was something like this. I arrived at the station because I needed to meet a friend from the train and help him get home. I arrived early, so I had to wait a lot. And then I noticed an inconspicuous person who approached everyone and offered to buy something from him. I think you already understood from the name that it was his iPhone 6 for which he asked only 3,000 rubles. But no one wanted to take a smartphone from him, which, of course, surprised me.

After several refusals from passers-by, he came up to me. It was about half an hour before the train arrived, so I, as a person more or less versed in telephones, decided check if it's a fake still find the sixth iPhone, albeit used in relatively good condition, almost unrealistic. I checked the smartphone in the Antutu test and for battery wear and everything was really perfect.

When asked why you are selling so cheaply, he answered me that he had only 740 rubles of money with him, he was fired from his last job and paid nothing. He says that he tried to find a job, but it did not work out, and there was nothing to pay for the apartment. And now he is selling a smartphone to buy a train ticket and go to his family, home. Then I asked how much money he lacked and it turned out that there was only 960 rubles missing.

I gave him a thousand, but I didn't buy an iPhone. All this is somehow wrong. He thanked me, we talked quite a bit and just then the train arrived. We said goodbye, and at this moment such an unusual story ended. Have you ever had similar situations?


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