Exercises for finger joints and brain activation

Ready to stretch your fingers and train your brain?

If you do not want to be among those who, in old age, begin to lose their memory and forget even the most elementary things and events, then the exercises presented in this article will help you.

In addition to the fact that systematic exercises on the fingers allow develop finger joints, maintain and even improve memory, they also contribute to learning focus your attention correctly, reflect and think more productively. Simply put, they activate the work of the brain and keep it in good shape.

Before starting the exercises, stretch your fingers a little and rub your palms.. Take at least half a minute to warm up. We do each of the exercises for a minute.

We put our hands in front of us, the inner side of the palms looks at us. We clench one hand into a fist, keep the other open. We proceed to alternate bending and unbending of the fingers, simultaneously on both hands. We begin to bend with the thumb, and unbend from the little finger.

We wrap our fingers together and put them in a tight lock. Starting with the thumb located closer to you, raise and lower your fingers one by one, first in one direction to the little finger, and then back.

Both exercises should be performed at a fast pace, but first you need to get used to and work out all the movements, and then be sure to increase the speed. When it becomes much easier to perform the exercises, try not to look at your hands, but to do everything according to your sensations and memory.

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