I don’t throw out the ketchup caps, made reliable wing bolts for the saw

I liked the idea from a subscriber of our channel, he advised us to use lids from empty ketchup or mayonnaise containers.

Agree, the idea is interesting, moreover, accessible to everyone. Now we will make a simple and reliable wing bolt in a few minutes.

First, wash the ketchup lids.

I have two covers.

The lids are different, one has inner sides, I don't know how to call them correctly.

On the other hand, there are practically none, so we will make two mounting options.

We take a bolt of the required diameter.

We adjust to the required size.

We heat the head of the bolt with a gas burner.

We fix the bolt on the "hot" in the cover, where there are sides.

Turn on the hot melt gun.

We take the second cover, fill it with glue and embed the bolt. Can also be done with another bolt.

Now take the washer and fix it.

We get such a bolt "lamb."

These lambs are installed on my miter saw.

They hold it tightly, do not turn, they perform their functionality. A simple solution available to everyone!

Watch the full episode in our video:

And also, a special thanks to our subscriber: Alexander Koryakinfor this idea.

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