How to save the desired web page in 2 clicks

I know many people who save their favorite pages to disk.

To always have access to them.

Well, sites have their own property to change, and information on them can be deleted, the site can be unavailable for many different reasons.

The easiest way is to save the web page to disk. This is done literally by 2 mouse clicks or by a combination of hot keys Ctrl + S

On the example of my any article.

Right-click the menu and click "Save As".
Right-click the menu and click "Save As".

And then we choose - where will we save it? I chose the desktop.

We press save, and this is what comes out:

We now have the file and folder itself, which contains all sorts of pictures, style files and the necessary scripts for the normal display of the page.

Now what do we need to do? Remove ads. So that it does not interfere with us and does not constantly load when we look at the local page.

Open our .html file with notepad and remove ads:

Here you will have to sing a little bit to find the code you need, but using a scientific poke it can be done elementary! If you are interested in HTML notes, then I can start writing...

Well, we will get a securely saved page on our hard drive!

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