Everything is possible. Puts the tiles by hand.

As it is done. tiling technology.

1. Purchased tiles. Tile adhesive, grout, and more.

2. Carried out the dismantling of old tiles, bathtubs, sinks and so on. The wall is necessary to clean up the ideal state, if the walls are smooth and is not intended to align and plastering. If plastered brick walls and crumbling plaster must be strange to have it to the ground to the brick.

3. Manufactured plumbing. Replacement tubes for metal and plastic or polypropylene under a stub. Tubes stacked with future tiles.

4.Vyravnivanie walls. Recommended plaster beacons.

5. She tiling.

Tiling involves several steps. Stir tile adhesive according to the instructions written on the bag.

About decompose tile walls and floor. We draw up an idea of ​​what will take place seams Cutting to the floor, ceiling, ushlam, bathtub and sink. Note the height of the decorative border

Horizontal shoot. It is possible to fight off the (draw) on the wall.

Begin laying ceramic tiles.

Apply the adhesive with a notched trowel on the wall and putting a tile. We expose on the level. Take sleduyuschuyuyu tile and repeat the process. The joints between tiles insert crosses tile. 2 mm for the bathroom renovation. For laying flooring tiles can take a large tic 3 mm.

Necessarily be aware that floating quantity increase seam between tiles.

Trimming is carried Tile, for some skill can be used grinders. Preferred diamond blade.

Laying floor tiles with his own hands made the same technology ceramic tiles.

Only need to make a screed for large differences in elevation, or pull the solution. Then we can not use tile adhesive.

When laying floor tiles on a solution - be sure to soak the tiles.

After laying necessarily done grout tile joints. Read on the packaging - it says it all. Use a rubber spatula.

But it is better to consult professionals.

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