The man's wife in the country to make a stylish kitchen, spending a lot of money, but it turned out still not very much. Photos Before / After.

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Those who have a cottage, perfectly understandable feeling when I want to do at the cottage good repair, but the money it is a pity. So it was in this case, and the desire to update the cottage and took up a man made repairs, but the budget has been greatly exceeded, but the expected result did not happen.

Before repairing the kitchen at the cottage looked really sad, the walls were strange green wallpaper, a part of the wall is sheathed clapboard, and the ceiling and did painted in blue. This festival of colors, but the general style of debts.

The man decided to update the interior. The ceiling was repainted in white, although good, it was necessary to do something more global, to align it to do tension or something else on the floor has a new laminate, the same way, and appeared on the wall where there was previously a simple wall paneling.

All color design based on the use of light gray colors.

Of course a new table with chairs until the money is not enough, as long as there are old, but this is no big problem, given that at any moment can be changed but new.

In general, it turned out the light and pure, everything is done in the same style and looks very holistically.

Much of all this stands out in kitchen, which is quite distracting from the overall appearance and does not correspond to the appearance of the whole environment.

Given the cost of the headset, the entire renovation clearly went out a lot of money, but in our opinion it did not work very good investment.

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