The man hired a team from Odessa to remount the bathroom, the result surprised him. Photos Before / After.

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Man on finishing his bath caused a team of workers, the guys came from Odessa, and promised to do quickly and efficiently.

Of course, there are many stories of unscrupulous workers, especially those who came. But in this story there is no negativity, master in general do a good job, and even suggested a few ideas for the master how to make the repairs of the Budget.

Before repairing the bathroom I was in a state of oshtukoturennymi walls and made light distributing water.

The first step is the installation wizard installed, make additional wiring for heated towel rails.

Yes, and all the basic layout should be altered, as it was made straight on the walls, and the owner wanted to get them into the walls.

For this it was necessary to do Stroebe and hide everything.

The man wanted to make a design in several colors, but the master had advised him not to spend money on the tile and can be made of plaster false brickwork.

Will look stylish, but on a budget money.

Something like this to realize the idea man.

Raised masonry after drying painted white, has turned quite budget, but very stylish solution.

Once installed on the place all the plumbing, washing machine and put things in purity, was the bathroom look very stylish, it is clear that the work is done accurately and without any side jambs builders.

The man is very happy with the final result and claims the boys had not.

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