What tension ceiling covering to choose the living room?

Qualitative advantages in the stretch ceiling products myriad:

Protection against flooding from above
The ability to create absolutely any, even the most complex design projects
Hide all main drawbacks ceiling surface Preventing mold or mildew
On the surface of the product does not attract dust, fumes or soot
Quick installation
Durability and t. D.

As you can see, the above list of credible, but in this article let's take a closer look at the aesthetic possibilities of suspended ceilings in the living room.

Textured variety of choice stretch fabrics in the living room

Matt. This texture is visually difficult to distinguish from perfectly plastered and painted the main ceiling. Surface tension mat webs has a rough structure. These products fit perfectly in absolutely any room design direction. Also paintings from matte PVC films are distinguished by their availability, their price starts from a mark of 250 rubles per square meter

satin. Products made of satin PVC film are often found in the design of the living room, as they are due property to scatter incident light and create a soft glow filled the room atmosphere of warmth and home cosiness

Lacquered. Suspended ceilings varnish textures - ideal for the decoration of the living room, such products have unusual properties affect the spatial perception of the room. That is, the glossy stretch ceiling structures visually enhance the area of ​​any room, and for a living space - this is the most important thing.

It is also one of the features glossy PVC fabrics is their wide range of color palettes - in catalogs companies that operate in this field, presented about 200 different shades of gloss film

translucent. With this invoice, you can create a truly unique lighting system. The distinguishing characteristic of this film is its ability to be passed through up to 50% of the light. As you've probably guessed, the installation of lighting carried out before mounting of the canvas. Ordering translucent suspended ceiling, you can achieve in your living room effect "skylights"

suede. The appearance of this film simply inimitable, it fits perfectly in the chic designs, which are equipped with heavy carved furniture, expensive decorations and carpets

Exclusive design options ceiling in the living room

Photo printing on the tensioning product

Modern technologies allow to migrate to the surface of stretch fabrics absolutely any images in high quality. If the money is not the key factor for you, then be sure to pay attention to such articles.

Just imagine that the ceiling will be an illustration of the vast sky or a favorite painting in your living room. This product will be left without attention, and given the fact that the ceilings have a long service life, it will please your eyes for many years.

multi-level system

Through the use of different textures, aluminum structures in several tiers and even other ways of finishing (e.g., drywall elements) within a single design can transform your ceiling in absolutely any shape (arches, dunes, etc. d.). It is also possible to carry out visual zoning of your living room using a multi-level system.

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