Not lazy guy and he has renovated the bathroom, spending all 40 000 rubles. Photos Before / After.

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As you have seen on the title, to repair the man was quite a small amount, it is provided that all the work he was going to do with their hands.

This was true and plumbing and heavy construction work. It should be noted here that many are justified in situations like this, saying that the repair is expensive, but such work and article proves the opposite, saying that even with a very limited budget, you can make an excellent repair.

Look at the condition of the apartment before renovation, on the walls of old tiles, which are found in every Soviet flat, one to one.

Condition of the bathroom is not so bad, it is clear that it updated. All the same, on the whole, done not so convenient and practical, the man decided to completely update the bathroom and do it all.

Taking off from the walls of the old tiles and plaster, the first thing was stretched out new lines for water, because a man decided to move the faucet for the bathroom and set it in the middle.

Next beacons were installed so that align the wall, because it is very important for the tiles to the walls were smooth and corners in the room were exactly 90 degrees, otherwise it is possible to spend too much tile adhesive to fix it.

Just set a new heated towel rail. Now many say that water towel is not as good and even very dangerous, because they can leak and the offer to switch to electric.

It is interesting to know your opinion on this matter, whether you have any problems with heated towel rails?

Next, work began on laying the tile, as you can see a tile has been selected is not expensive but it is quite interesting and modern. And with the help of special wedges, which are quite expensive, it turns laying flat.

One of the wall decorated with tiles under the natural wood.

In general, as a result of repair was installed new furniture, plumbing, new ceiling and lighting.

All this man spent 40 thousand rubles.

We believe that an excellent job has been done to upgrade the bathroom design, get a modern and tidy.

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