Third of men built a frame house, saying that it will be warm in the winter. Photos Before / After.

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Prefab homes have been widely popular in the US and Canada, and most of these structures appear there, but in our climate before no one ventured to build the house of the, sorry, plywood.

But more and more people are building their own houses of similar design, even under the conditions of our latitudes and are quite happy.

For example, the three men have built from scratch a full two-storey house with a garage in a matter of months. Such constructs allows to make it without any problems.

As it is done by the example of the house, which is collected by three men in a few months.

The first thing installed base of timber, thus making it at a height of almost a meter from the ground, and the bottom set simple piles, not even a concrete foundation. As a result, the installation is very accelerated.

Next, collect walls and partitions, simply exposing the beams in the right places, and sealed it with the usual screws and brackets.

Agree, it is much faster and cheaper than brick spread in several rows or blocks.

Similarly enter the second floor of the house.

Next house sheathe plywood, put several layers of insulation, install windows and doors, roof stele, thus completely closing the outer loop.

Over the entire house and then plastered on the outside, to nebylo no cracks and holes.

But in our opinion, still the floors in the house are constantly cold, because under the house will always "go" cold air.

Of course, builders are assured that the thickness of insulation and the quality of modern materials are very high, and in the house, even in cold weather will be warm and comfortable, but their words could hardly be believed.

Because of this, I want to ask you, our dear readers, maybe someone of you did for the house of such a structure and such technology?

What are the real reviews and whether to rely on the heat in the winter time?

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