Stages of construction of the Russian bath

No wonder the old tradition organized once a week Russian bathhouse. It was a wonderful way to strengthen the body and protect it from various ailments.
There is a desire to have the right building. It is possible to hire construction workers, but you can make yourself. To begin, we recognize that a lot of work, and all of it needs to be divided into several stages.

How to prepare for the construction of a bath?

Given the size of their families and invited guests possible, determine the maximum number of people who will be sweating. This is necessary in order to properly settle tanks volume of water, the actual parameters of the steam room and changing room. The water in the bath is always necessary, even if near a pond or river.

Be particularly careful approach to drawing up a plan -The future bath. Choosing a place where construction will take place. The most convenient place will be where the well is located, because then you can spend a pipeline directly into the bath. Take into account the need to wiring, if there is one already.

Now is the time to lay the foundation, because it is the foundation of any building. Depending on the area, the foundation is columnar or tape.

If you have chosen a pier foundation, then you will do well with a hand drill. There is an option - to call the drilling machine.

A very important point: the material from which made the walls of the bath. There are several options:

chopped whole room;
frame -only bath, a waiting room of the frame walls;
Brick Bath.

In this matter, the main thing that the walls held the heat as much as possible and did not let the cold inside.

That Russian bath differs from the Finnish sauna? That's right - oven - stove with bricks. This is a fairly complex engineering and technical design. Not everyone is given the right to make such a furnace, so if you do not have the skills, leave this part of the operation of stove-makers - professional.

If you build the oven, then keep in mind these points:
the overall size of the bath;
steam parameters;
individual owner wishes.

Remember that this stage is the most important. How to fold the stove, and this will be the atmosphere in the whole bath.

Everyone knows that the bath - the main part of the bath. So that the air is evenly distributed in the bath, Configure correct ventilation, insulation and vapor barrier. Permission is granted to sheathe clapboard pair of wood, but it should be remembered that such a material different properties. Sheathing Red Cedar, you get a scent that is able to heal.

For comfort should be equipped with well-lit bath. That it also had a safe, heat resistant ceiling is better to hang.

You do not accidentally get burnt, handle in the door to the steam room must be made of wood. The very same way you can decorate the stove - a decorative fence. Then you obviously pre-empt inadvertent contact with a very hot oven.

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