A man came to his father in the village and rebuilt it decayed bath. Photos Before / After.

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A man came to visit his father in the separated village and seeing the condition of the old log sauna, just could not pass and do not make a gift to his father.

The man decided to rebuild the bath as a gift, for it had to find a team of workers, since it alone to do it was physically very hard.

First thing is to make out the old frame, despite the fact that he was very old, the top logs were still in good condition and the work carried out is not so fast.

The more that remains of the old baths are ideal for the new furnace.

Once the frame was dismantled and all the boards were removed from the logs began to do the foundation.

To lower crowns have served as long as possible, for they need a foundation with a waterproofing. As the foundation of a number used by rubbing brickwork.

After that he started to fold frame for that drove even the tap, as the logs were still wet and very heavy.

Adding all the wall openings for doors and cut through the oven directly on the place of a chainsaw, you will agree is a very simple and quick way to make a door.

Immediately place the stove installed, under which specially cast footings.

After the work was completed on the outside, we made the interior trim and offered the necessary electricity, made light, water, inside made curtains and all the walls and so on.

But the wall does not have to insulate and protect, so that inside the steam room in itself is very beautiful and so natural.

In the dressing room, too, nothing more, a large table, chairs, and on this for now.

Himself outside frame painted impregnated to the tree was a whole as long as possible, and for a comfortable approach cast concrete paths.

Thereby ennobled and more territory around the bath.

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