The man slowly sheathed clapboard porch, making plenty of storage places. Photos Before / After.

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In the new house, the bulk of the work has already been done and the family moved to a new home, but of course not all repair facilities was completed at 100%, and more needed to be done then, slowly at night.

And in this case, the article will be on the finishing touches, but rather on the porch repairs in a private home.

Such facilities often do, to be able to change the shoes, not to drag the dirt in the main house, or to store dirty, work clothes for the garden, in any case, the room is very important and will work only if all required.

Before the repair, as we have seen, there was virtually nothing but bare walls and all.

By winter, the only thing that put in the window, put the two entrance doors, one on the outside is easier, and the second, which is already in the main house and with a strong warming.

Walls are insulated min wool and vapor barrier on top of sheathed and installed brace, which will serve as the basis for the lining in finishing.

When the repair man mostly used just bunk, to realize all our plans and do not spend a lot of money.

As a result of this work, all the walls were covered with a light lining made of natural wood.

In the corner to the left of the front door to install a small sofa, so you can comfortably change the shoes or wait until all gather.

The most interesting thing on the other side, it is located a homemade cabinet, which was very spacious and at the same time he did not stand out from the overall style. It can on the one hand to place a lot of things, the other put a lot of boxes.

The porch is derived one battery, as this is a private house heating and individual, there are no problems with that.

This battery is made in the first place to dry the shoes, and the other does not give a temperature porch strongly to fall naturally out of the question that the temperature was the same as for the main house in this case is not goes.

In general, the man made a very neat and beautiful, the materials used is quite simple, but in view of the successfully repaired all.

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