How to lay tile on drywall

For a man, a little versed in building materials, it is obvious that drywall - is a unique material that allows you to create an infinite number of forms, and which is very convenient work.

In addition, the plasterboard - it is an excellent base for virtually any finishing materials. For example, for ceramic tiles.

For ceramic tiles can be used any type of drywall, but experts recommend to be sure to choose water-resistant drywall where possible. This is understandable, because for laying tiles used wet processes.

We begin training

To prepare the gypsum boards to the laying of ceramic tiles should be primed. And it does not fit any primer, and only the special, which was developed for such cases. For example, we can recommend primer 4120 or World Tifengrund Knauf and any analogs. And in order to achieve the best result, it makes sense primer applied to the surface in several layers. Especially if you plan to use heavy enough tiles or decorative stone.

Using glue

Also need a special adhesive compound. Plain tile adhesive is then ineffective. But in DIY stores and supermarkets today without any problems, you can find a tile adhesive designed specifically for gypsum boards. That's something they need and use. For example, it can be adhesive Vetonit optima or its analogs.

When all the materials and tools (which is also important) to be purchased and prepared, decide which method is suitable marking in this case the best. First you need to measure the length of the wall, and then divide it by the width of the tile. Get the number of tiles that will fit in a single row. In this case, most likely, the figure would be a fraction, that is one of the tiles will have to trim.

That's about it and you should consider in the first place - which is most advantageous to lay down "half". Of course, they are placed in the same place it is invisible to the eye.

We produce packing

In principle, then laying tiles on gypsum board is no different than placing it on any other basis. First, the bottom wall is attached a flat piece of wood, which is positioned in horizontal position on a level.

It will build the first row of tiles. Then, prepare the adhesive according to the instructions on the package, and it is applied with a spatula on the back of the tile. Tile put on the rail and is pressed against the wall.

Similarly, the act and with all subsequent tiles. Between them is inserted into the plastic crosses, to monitor the tile seams. When the tile is laid, the joints are filled with a special mixture of the trowel, then laying tiles is considered complete.

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