10000 mAh, IP68 protection and NFC module - armored long-liver is cheaper than 16k rubles🔻

Hello everyone! I found an armored phone forgotten by all, which is still good. I'll tell you where to buy it and its pros / cons.

10000 mAh, IP68 protection and NFC module - armored long-liver is cheaper than 16k rubles🔻
10000 mAh, IP68 protection and NFC module - armored long-liver is cheaper than 16k rubles🔻

This smartphone was released a long time ago, back in 2018, but it is still on sale, as it provides excellent performance at an adequate price. The huge battery is especially relevant. Imagine what a hit this phone was in 2018.

The most profitable of all a smartphone can be taken in China, compared to the Russian Federation, the price is 1-2 thousand rubles lower and is ~ 15800 rubles. 👇

❗ Favorable price on AliExpress from this seller - Look.

If you are not a fan of waiting for a parcel with Ali, then you can look at the offers in Russia, but our smartphone is a little more expensive

The best offers in the Russian Federation:

What is Oukitel WP2 good for?

  • Huge Battery. Battery capacity is 10000mAh and fast charging at 18W. With such a battery, the smartphone can easily work for more than a week. But it will take a long time to charge the smartphone, about 4-5 hours.
  • Protection. The protection standard is not the same as that of other armored phones - IP68, and there is no military protection standard here. But I suspect that it was just that at that time it was not relevant to receive these certificates, since in appearance, and in terms of characteristics, the smartphone is definitely shockproof.
  • CPU. But when it comes to performance, the smartphone is very weak, especially for 2021. There is an MT6750 processor, which is gaining only 60 thousand points in Antutu.
  • Cameras. The main camera Samsung S5K2P7 of 16 megapixels allows you to take quite tolerable pictures, but they are a little overexposed. Although it is easy to fix it in the editor on the phone itself in a couple of minutes. Or you can use HDR mode.
  • Memory reserve. 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. But you can put a USB flash drive in the second SIM card slot.
  • Additionally. One of the main advantages of a smartphone is the presence of NFC. The smartphone is running Android 8.

Of course, even Oukitel has plenty of competitors for a smartphone, but there are still not many long-livers with 10,000 mAh on the market. If you need such autonomy, then this smartphone will perfectly fit into the role of your faithful companion.

Thanks for reading to the end!

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