The scariest horror movies (banned from showing)

With you again Movie fanatic and I continue to tell you about the horror films from the cycle "not everyone dares to look". I did not compile this top, but I translated it, and among other things, I watched these films and found out the reasons why they were limited to showing:

  • people fainted during a movie show
  • the director deliberately used infrasound to make people have seizures while watching a movie
  • the film crew was accused of doing the real [censorship] and the police banned the film from being shown pending clarification, etc.

That is, here are collected the most controversial horror films of the modern (and not so) film industry with their own fascinating history. And I will tell you these stories. This is the fourth part | all other films you can find by my brand tag #tops of dishonest technology - I will duplicate it one more time at the very end of the article. All films are presented in different ways. I did not adhere to any system - there are 19 of them in total, and in each top I post only 3 films. (not) Enjoy your viewing! and we start

Issue cover... We are almost at the home stretch.

"Grotesque" | exists in two versions: theatrical and "director's". The second is only available in Japan, but fans have translated it into Russian... year 2009

Slogan: "The King of Japanese Grotesque Cinema".

We are told the story of a grown man, whose name is not voiced in any way throughout the film, and a young couple. The girl's name is Aki, and the guy's name is Kazuo. The man I will call "Mr. Indifference." It's just that all the time a man, a man and a man is somehow frivolous. And the maniac himself does not express absolutely any feelings and emotions with his face, so such liberty is more than permissible. The story itself becomes "holistic" only at the very end of the film - we are shown a room where three main characters are gathered, two of whom are connected. How did they get here? What preceded the blow to the head with a hammer? - we learn from Aki's flashbacks. So that you have at least some idea of ​​the film and its plot, I will connect some of the memories with the events taking place in the maniac's lair. I will try without spoilers. Aki and Kazuo work together and both have warm feelings for each other. On the day their life turned upside down, he confesses his feelings to her. Since they are mutual, he escorts her home. The girl for some reason asks him: "Will you sacrifice yourself for me?" [I changed the question a little as Zen is very biased about some of the words] and Kazuo nods positively in return. In a second, they both get hit on the head with a hammer... Aki comes to his senses in the van of Mr. Indifference, who takes them to his home. She tries to scream something, but Indifference takes her out of her senses again.

It is not necessary to "shorten" the path to the house through the dark tunnel ...

The following scandal is connected with this film. In the UK, the BBFC rating agency was unable to classify "Grotesque" (that is, to issue him a rental certificate - we have the Ministry of Culture in charge of this) according to the existing rating system. In the UK, films fall into the following categories - I'll simplify the system a bit:

for everyone | recommended for viewing with parents | presence of adults is compulsory | for adults (18+) and in each category there are small clarifications that we will omit.

18 years is a ticket to watching the toughest films like Martyrs, Human Centipede or Serbian Film... So, "Serbian Film" was admitted to the British market - only 4 minutes of screen time was cut from it! However, what is happening in the theatrical version of the film "Grotesque" (specifically in this case, the "theatrical version", which is equivalent to "censored") did not even fit category 18+, which allows showing in the frame: discrimination, violence, excessive [Yandex] and obscene words | the latter, by the way, in the film completely not... "Unrated Verision" (director's cut or uncensored version); was also not allowed to be shown in other countries.

So that the "beast" could not go hunting and take revenge on his enemy ...

My assessment: this film will not give you anything - you will not learn any "lessons" and benefits from watching it. There was much more hidden meaning in "Serbian Film". I understood what was happening on the screen after reading the interview with the chief director. The word "grotesque" means a work of art that has been performed in an ugly comic style that repeatedly exaggerates the main idea of ​​the work. So, in the film "Grotesque" there is nothing comic, and everything that happens is reminiscent of "Serbian Film", multiplied by two (I I'm talking about the second half of the film, since it "sways" for a long time, and I generally consider the first 30 minutes a spit in the face viewers). I do not regret watching, as the ending made me very happy... very, very unexpected outcome. The most amazing thing is that Netflix is ​​distributing this film, and I did not expect this from it.

Rabbit Games | The film is based on real events. The director decided to shoot all the scenes "live". 2011.

Slogan: "Breathe".

By "live" it means that all the scenes in the film, except for the use of illegal drugs, were filmed for real. The actors really did all the actions that we are shown in the film. There is no plot as such. A girl of easy virtue is kidnapped by a man who is clearly not all right with his head. He is a trucker and takes her along with him on a long voyage. She has to spend 3 days with him. He is several times stronger than her, thicker, taller, and in general he is a man, and she is a woman with all the ensuing consequences - she is powerless against him. Just don't watch this movie - I included it in the list, as it is in the original top and it would be wrong to throw it out. But this is the only film in my memory that was deservedly banned from showing. All critics agree that "Rabbit Games" demonstrates complete disrespect for women and exaggerates the problems of modern society, such as the desire of men to dominate women. I don’t think so, but the British Censorship Council has banned this film for screening, as "this motion picture can harm society." Indeed, after watching this film, I understand why some women have such unfounded hatred of men, especially considering the fact that director Adam Remeyer agreed with Rodlin Getzick (a real victim, it was her story that formed the basis of the script) to play herself in his film 🤦‍♀️ Everyone, stop the Earth - I need get off.

I have changed my mind. I don't want to live it all over again!
Since I did not have the courage and strength to make out this film inside and out (the publication on Zen would simply be blocked), this selection will include not 3 films, but 4. And then in the final part of the cycle "not everyone dares to look"there will be just 3 films. So it turns out that we have analyzed all 19 films with you.

"Maniac" | remake of the 1980 film. Banned from showing due to excessive realism of what is happening on the screen. year 2012.

The slogan of the film: "The hunt has begun!"

I like the actor Elijah Wood - he is very good at playing the "victims." However, in this film he will try on the role of a hunter who has a very strong attraction to female scalps... Back in Sin City, Wood demonstrated his talent to play psychos, he didn't even need to say anything, it was enough just to look at the viewer through the screen and that's it - Kevin is already in your head. In "Maniac" he will play the role of a shirt-guy who girls like, will always come to their aid, and in general he is all so "sweet" and "caring", as his victims say about him ...

Elijah plays the role of Frank Zito, a mannequin restorer. Here the writers and director of the film are trying to show us the thinking of a criminal and his transformation into a maniac - why he became like this, how his difficult relationship with his mother is shifted to the experience of communication with others women. Why does he break down only on women, and what at this moment he sees before his eyes... But as often happens, everything changed as soon as he met a girl with whom he could feel normal. But she already had a boyfriend...

This is not the only film where Elijah Wood is somehow associated with a maniac. I recommend watching a good film "Open Windows" - where he plays the role of a victim, on the contrary.

If we talk about acting and faith in what is happening on the screen - just fine! There are no complaints about the film. However, the rating agencies had a number of questions: in New Zealand, the film was completely banned from distribution (there is not even a DVD edition), in Great Britain called "Maniac" "unwanted", but was admitted to the rental after a couple of edits, at the Cannes Film Festival he was called "sadistic art-house bloodbath "[sounds much less pleasant in Russian, and the Zen algorithm can be aggroed, so if you wish, you can write your own translation in comments].

This is a classic horror film about a maniac in a good sense of the word.

This is the rare case when the special effects are never noticeable and it seems that everything that happens on the screen is for real. The original 1980 film was a hit, but technology then and now is heaven and earth. Therefore, the film with Elijah Wood got much more, and he was accused of promoting violence.

"Cannibal Holocaust" | Because of this film, the film crew and director of the film, Ruggiero Deodat, was accused of murder. 1980 year.

This is not the cover of the original film (it is too provocative). This art from the game, which is made based on the entire tetralogy of films. Slogan: "The mother of all cannibal films" - I can't translate ...

I watched this film a long time ago and it came as a shock to me that it was banned from showing. You know how it often happens. So we watched Ridley Scott's Alien, and we have become very attached to the film. The other day I was reviewing the anniversary edition with bonus materials about the filming of the film and was extremely surprised - it turns out that during the first screenings of the film in the States, people fainted in cinemas. Some had to forcefully go to the cinema a second or third time to watch the film from start to finish. The filmmakers explain this effect by the fact that no one has ever done anything like this in cinematography at such a quality level before. Therefore, people experienced shock and awe. The same goes for "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" or "A Nightmare on Elm Street" - I am revisiting them, to pay tribute to his childhood, but when viewed, not a single muscle on his face is shudders. "I got used to it." And that's why I was surprised how the premiere screening of the film in Milan ended.

Ignore the graininess. The film has already been "restored" - there is a Blu-ray version with a resolution of 1080p. It's just that old movies have such an effect. When the frame is paused.

Ten days after the film began showing at the film festival, the police opened a criminal case on suspicion of [Yandex] and confiscated it. A ban was imposed on the screening of the film. The thing is that the authorities and experts considered that what was happening on the screen was filmed live. That is, allegedly Ruggiero forced the natives to do all these terrible things on camera for real. I revisited the film yesterday, specifically to refresh my memories before writing the article - it looks just gorgeous, regardless of its venerable age. Acting - 5 points, do you really believe in everything that happens on the screen | some documentaries, even today, lose in authenticity to the 1980 film - so much it ahead of his time. And the plot of the film is as follows (even the presentation itself is very unusual): the first 40 minutes we are shown how Professor Monroe, together with the guide and his assistant, are trying to find the missing expedition. Don't be intimidated by "40 minutes" - it looks right in one breath.

Guys from the first expedition... It remains to be seen who the real beasts are.

Ultimately, they find a tribe of cannibals and exchange some things with them in order to get the tapes that the members of the first expedition managed to shoot. Then it turns out that it was all a story on a TV show. And then Monroe, together with his colleagues, will have to study the footage taken by the missing guys... The remaining 2/3 of the film is the "missing tape" genre. I don't know who was the first to invent this technique, but in the 80s it seemed very cool. In parallel, Monroe will shoot a documentary about the participants of the first expedition, and all this in one frame. It's as if one movie is being filmed inside another movie, and it all happens inside a TV show. And in the course of the story, we will learn the terrible secret of what actually happened to them in the forests of the Amazon. I will not tell you this, what is the point of depriving you of such pleasure if you are watching this film for the first time?

The film was banned from showing in Italy, Australia, Norway, Finland and New Zealand. I can only assume that we, too, but it seems as if in the USSR there was no copyright and cinema in the sense that we understand it now. I watched it on videotape. From many of my colleagues at work, I learned about the existence of such a phenomenon as a video salon. Maybe you could see him there.

From today's selection, I advise you to watch only "Maniac" and "Cannibal Holocaust". The second generally carries a very deep meaning.

So that in the future my tops are not "lost", I will mark them with a special tag #tops of dishonest technology See you in 2 weeks | I remind the channel guests that I talk not only about horror films, but also about anime, comics, modern technology and much more. I will be glad to your like and subscribe :)

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