5 mistakes that users make when working with a flash drive

It would seem, what problems can there be with a flash drive? I inserted, downloaded / recorded and that's it.

But there are some nuances that affect the safety of your files and the lifespan of the flash drive.

I'll tell you about them.

5 mistakes that users make when working with a flash drive

Mistake # 1 - Incorrect shutdown

Although there is already a rumor on the network that it is not necessary to remove the flash drive safely, it is better to do it correctly. Simple manipulation increases the life of the flash drive and also reduces the risk of losing important files.

This is done simply. You need to find the USB icon on the taskbar (where the clock is) and select "Eject USB DISK" (name may vary).

Mistake # 2 - using a flash drive as a file storage

The flash drive is not intended for long-term storage of files! It is a tool to transfer files from device A to device B.

It should be understood that any flash drive has a limited number of write cycles and over time, flash memory degrades, which leads to damage or loss of data.

It is better to store files for a long time on the HDD or in a cloud service on the Internet.

Mistake number 3 - do not remove the flash drive from the PC

My father does it. Once upon a time, his hard drive failed and information recovery took a long time. Since then, he fears that his files will disappear during his work and always keeps the flash drive in his PC. It's more convenient for him. True, he changes the flash drives every 2 months - the controller burns out.

You shouldn't keep a flash drive inserted into your PC around the clock. This harms both the flash drive and slows down the system by some small%.

Mistake # 4 - a mountain of unnecessary files on a flash drive

Most people save up a lot of information on flash drives. It seems to be written down, rewritten where necessary and left.

Over time, it is difficult for the controller to rake it all out and read-write errors may occur. In this case, there is a risk of losing your files. The rule is simple: write it down to a flash drive, download it wherever you need it, and don't forget to delete the file from there.

Mistake # 5 - formatting

Periodically, the USB drive needs to be formatted. Especially when a lot of files have visited it.

Formatting will correct errors that could occur in the event of improper use of the flash drive.

Also, the drive needs to be formatted if you haven't used the device for a long time or just bought it. How to do it correctly and which file system to choose, you can read here (click) on my site.

It is also worth understanding that static electricity and various magnetic fields act on the flash drive.

I also recommend refraining from buying a gadget that is too cheap - the quality of memory in inexpensive flash drives is much worse, which means that there is a risk of losing important files at the most inopportune moment.

Personally, I have 2 flash drives, if files are important to me, then I duplicate information.

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