Deciding on a grape variety

Deciding on a grape variety
Deciding on a grape variety

The choice of grape varieties becomes the first problem for a beginner winegrower.

First of all, when choosing one or the other grape variety, you need to take into account the climate conditions: radiation from the sun, precipitation and their amount, temperature regime. It is also very important to take into account the types of soil, as well as their quality, the relief of the place where you plan to grow grapes. The yield of the plant, its resistance to diseases and the taste itself directly depend on all these conditions. After all, the same grape variety develops differently depending on the region in which it is grown. One of the best options is to choose a grape variety that grows well and bears fruit in neighboring or nearby vineyards.

Before choosing a plant variety, decide how you will use the resulting crop. Technical varieties are suitable for the production of juice or wine, and table or raisins - for the consumption and storage of fresh grapes. Think in advance, will you cover the vine bushes in winter or not? If you can cover the vineyard in winter, you can choose almost any variety, if not, then you should choose only frost-resistant grape varieties.

In the case when you plan to grow grapes in a summer cottage or a remote area, special attention should be paid to the plant's resistance to fungal diseases. After all, timely processing of bushes with fungal diseases in this case is not always possible.

Today, varieties and hybrid forms of grapes have a large variety. Therefore, you can easily choose a variety that will fully comply with the growing conditions characteristic of your region and its climatic characteristics.

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