Male alone folded bath of blocks from scratch. Photos Before / After.

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The man built himself a bath, of course many who are building, but most have assistants or even hire a team, but to do all the work alone, it's hard.

The bath was built from the simple blocks, therefrom posted outer wall and a septum between the vestibule and steam room.

The foundation was cast in advance of concrete, and raised above the ground on several rows of bricks, but at the same time, the foundation of a great and powerful have tried to do, because in this there was no need.

The building itself has been made small, just one floor. Next was made part of the roof, the top is covered with roofing iron.

Rafter part made from almost drank the cheapest material, the task was to build a budget, much of the money wanted to invest in the oven and the interior trim.

Attic and part stitched all plywood, leaving room for a small door because such loft is the ideal place either dry or simply stored.

As they say, the most expensive in the bath - it's oven, and then the man did not save and set a good option.

Installed furnace almost at the outset, as the finish is already installed around the stove.

Then began an important part of the work on warming the inside of the sauna.

To begin with the walls made of timber crate and niche laid insulation.

On top of this was put aluminum foil to the thermos was sealed and the steam room is not left pairs.

In the dressing room the man decided to make a very cozy room, the walls are sheathed and sealed and insulated.

On the floor tiles laid, a light wood, the part where the furnace is also decorated with natural stone, but all other areas were covered with clapboard.

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