He brought an adjustable ratchet wrench to the garage, you definitely won't see this in Russia, the men could not close their mouths

Recently, a parcel arrived from my friend from abroad, without even opening it, I already know that there will be a tool inside. Moreover, such a tool, which I have not yet seen, especially did not work) The instrument is gorgeous, now I will show and tell you.

First of all, I decided to show the men in the garage, because the instrument is really interesting and unusual. But I will not paint emotions, etc., let's get down to business.

It looks like an ordinary ratchet wrench, but the main thing here is that it is an adjustable wrench. The jaws are made under the edges of the nut.

With an adjustable roller, you can adjust the size you want.

Of course, there is an adjustment, left or right. By itself, the key is heavy, do not pay attention to the size, it is made tightly.

Side view.

But no matter how I praise him, there are still disadvantages, and there are many of them.

Due to its size, it is impossible to get close to hard-to-reach places. There is a nut on the left that prevents the wrench from snagging. But with an ordinary adjustable wrench, you can unscrew it without problems.

Therefore, this key is far from universal, it can only be used on free and spacious areas. So, friends, if you decide to buy, think about whether you need it)

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