Fraudsters have taken up Zen again. I'm telling you a new divorce scheme and how to protect yourself себя

Hello everyone! Regular readers will most likely remember my old article about a similar fraud, but now the "crooks" have become smarter.

On one of my last articles, I noticed this comment, apparently nothing like that. But if you look at the name of the commentator, this is where it all begins.

What exactly does this commentator have an excellent scheme for, the emphasis is on the joints. Personally, I am 30 years old, and my back, even during my student days, ordered me to live a long time. That is, the potential audience is much larger than in the case of diabetes or heart medications.

In general, I made a short introduction to history, and now let's go through all the circles of the fraudster and see what they offer us.

What is the divorce scheme?

To make everything clear, I will walk the path of a potential buyer. Let's get started!

First, click on the name and get to the person on the channel. At what It seems like everything is more or less decently decorated, but the use of caps gives a clickbait for sale. We turn to the article and see terrible statistics - almost 5 thousand people have read this material and about 200-500 people have followed the link below, and possibly more.

We also go over and see a site with a beautiful title in the style of yellow newspapers and various healthy lifestyles. Such names perfectly play on the nostalgia of the Soviet people and trust in this kind of medicine. The article is huge, but there is little sense in it, since at the end we are waiting for another link to the site itself with the sale of "miracle yuda". Moreover, on the site itself, notifications are constantly popping up so that you do not want to finish reading it, but quickly switch to the product.

As a result, we find ourselves on a typical landing page selling this kind of "nonsense". Moreover, what is interesting - a similar cream really exists and is sold on OZON. Only on the fraudulent website the manufacturer's logo was cut out, which alarmed me the most.

Therefore, I decided to write to the manufacturer myself in OZON and ask what it is. Suddenly, they simply use not quite morally correct promotion of their goods, or it is the scammers who use the name of a popular product.

But the seller did not answer me. In general, what can be summed up. Since the product really exists and is even popular, I advise you to buy it on the same OZON, and not on third-party sites. So you are at least guaranteed to deliver the product, and not just take your money for the order and remember your name.

The general advice is simple - Never buy anything from such would-be scammers on suspicious sites. Especially medicine and dietary supplements.

It is better to look for analogues on proven and well-known sites such as Yandex. Market or the same OZON or any others.

I hope that the article was useful to you and you will save yourself and your loved ones from unreasonable spending of your money.

Thank you for reading this article to the end!

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