Top 3 branded men's watches for every day with sapphire crystal

Hello everyone! A selection of excellent everyday watches with sapphire crystal from famous brands at a reasonable price.

I noticed that some of my readers categorically deny mineral glasses and look towards only sapphire glasses. It is not surprising, because sapphire is almost impossible to damage, and it really is impossible to scratch it. Unless, of course, you are going to drive around the clock with a diamond cutter.

Hope you like the models I've picked up too.

Boccia Titanium 3635-02

The first model from Germany. The Boccia brand is quite old, founded in 1927. The main difference from other brands, which is reflected even in the name, is that all watches have cases made of titanium and, with rare exceptions, ceramic, which is even cooler. At the same time, they are quite democratic.

Mechanism - quartz
Housing - titanium
Bracelet / strap - leather
Water protection - 100WR
Glass - sapphire
The size - 42 mm

Of the additional functions, there is a date display in a separate window. This is a practical watch for every day and for its price it is a cool accessory.

Adriatica A8322.5125QF

Next, we are transported to Switzerland to the Adriatica brand, which is slightly younger than its German counterpart. Founded in 1931. And for 90 years now, this brand has remained high-quality and loved by many buyers.

Mechanism - quartz, caliber Ronda X30
Housing - steel
Bracelet / strap - steel
Water protection - 50WR
Glass - sapphire with anti-reflective
The size - 43 mm

The watch has an interesting design. There is no main second hand; it is placed on a separate dial. Also, on individual dials, the day of the week and time are displayed in 24-hour format. Plus there is a window with the current date.

Casio Edifice EFS-S590AT-1AER

Without Casio, nowhere. There is no point in talking about the famous Japanese brand. This model was created with the help of the Scuderia AlphaTauri Formula 1 team, which is sponsored by EDIFICE. The dial and bezel are made of carbon fiber, the same from which the team's cars are made.

Mechanism - quartz, powered by a solar battery. Work from 100% charge in complete darkness - 6 months
Housing - steel
Bracelet / strap - steel
Water protection - 100WR
Glass - sapphire
The size - 45.3 mm

There is a dial with a charge level display, a chronograph and an internal bezel. And also a window with a date.

Thanks for reading to the end!

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