"Did you take Lenore to the garage for your car again?"

I'm already tired of arguing with my wife)) Well, what will I do if this Lenore is so effective. An old friend talked about tricky ways to use it. Of course, we will not rinse the clothes, I will tell you about the tricks for the car.

It doesn't matter which lenore you use, but I try to buy the golden one.

I take a regular spray.

It is designed for 1.2 liters of water, I pour about 1 liter.

You need a little concentrate, literally a little more than half of the cap.

Add to a spray bottle and mix thoroughly.

Someone processes the windshield of a car to achieve an anti-rain effect. I do not recommend doing this, spoil the glass washer system + a white film appears on the glass, which interferes with the view.

But safe and useful methods can be used:

I used to be constantly tormented by the fact that the car was "beating" with current, until I began to use this tool. Just treat the covers or seats and the problem goes away. Apply the solution and wipe with a cloth.

Also, this tool has the effect of a panel polish. Did it in the garage, I apologize for the quality of the photo.

And my favorite way, which helps me out in the spring. Many people know that when there is dirt on the headlights, the benefits from them are literally 40%. Now, before driving onto the track, I always spray the headlights with this product. A protective film appears and the dirty water immediately flows off.

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