I show you how to remove the glued tape from paper in 10 seconds without tearing it. I didn't think it was that simple.

Hello everyone!

Today I want to show you, dear subscribers, a very simple way to tear off sticky tape from paper.

Moreover, to tear it off so as not to tear the paper, and generally not leave a trace of the tape.

This does not require anything other than your hands. I heard that you can heat it up with a hair dryer and tear it off, but I haven't checked it and it seems to me that at least glue will remain on the paper.

And the method that I will show does not leave any traces at all.


As an example, I'll take two ordinary sheets of paper and try to remove the tape in two different ways.

We glue a strip of adhesive tape to the paper and smooth it well so that the adhesive tape sticks.

From the first sheet, I just tear off the tape. As you can see, this cannot be done ideally.

The tape came off with the top layer of the paper, effectively ruining it. And all the text remained on the tape.

Now, on the second sheet, we will try to tear off the tape without spoiling the paper. To do this, you need to grasp both ends of the tape. If they are very short, pliers can be used.

We pull at both ends. You will see how the tape begins to stretch along its entire length.

We continue to pull. At the edge of the paper, the tape will already begin to come off, and it becomes possible to better grip the ends of the strip of tape.

In the end, we stretch the tape so that it does not completely move away from the paper.

As you can see, the scotch tape came off perfectly, as if it was not on paper at all. I myself was surprised the first time I tried this.

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