Ideas for the interior of a small bedroom in the Khrushchev

Making bedroom in the Khrushchev is very different from the design bedrooms in the other house. In order to create a good interior small bedroom in the Khrushchev, You must make a great effort.

The complexity of this process is that such spaces have a small area, which can reach and 8 square meters. In addition, the apartments in these homes have low ceilings that utrudnyaet of the designer. Also, the shape of the bedroom can be extended, which prevents the installation of a double bed in standard sizes.

The interior of a small bedroom in the Khrushchev better to create in those styles, which use less furniture and various decorative elements, which will take the place of the missing. Given this, you can use several styles such as minimalism, modern, hi-tech, retro, ethnic and conservative style. If minimalism, room set, only the furniture that is really needed.

You can also use different colors for the decoration of the bedroom. For people who have a bright personality, is ideal for the modern style. Under this option, use of modern decorative materials, from which you can create an interesting design solution.

High-tech style popular use of metal and glass in the interior premises. To create a retro style using fabric, photography and lighting. If the owners of the apartments are the people who do not like to experiment, then for them the ideal option would be conservative style.

The interior of a small bedroom in the Khrushchev It should not be filled with glass, plastic and metal. You can use such modern materials only if it is necessary to create a certain style. You need to keep things simple in design, as is the bedroom zone recreation.

First we need to decide on the finishing material for the walls and color. If the choice fell on the paint, it is better to use soft and gentle tones such as blue, beige or peach. Wallpaper, in turn, should be light. If they have some kind of pattern, it should be small, as large patterns on the wallpaper visually reduce the space.

The ceiling in the interior of a small bedroom in the Khrushchev can be painted in white or beige. It is also possible to use modern technology and mount the suspended ceiling, which has a glossy texture. Glossy texture reflects light that allows you to visually increase the height of the room. Curtains should be light and bright.

In the interior of a small bedroom in the Khrushchev perfectly fit a double bed. Bed occupancy in principle it does not matter, the main thing that was comfortable. To the bed was not only convenient, but also functional, it is better to choose the design of drawers. In such boxes can be folded all, anything from books to clothes. Near the beds are small nightstand.

For premises with a small area is ideal wardrobe with mirror facade. With the help of mirrors can visually enlarge the space in the bedroom. If you want to set up the TV, it is better to choose a liquid crystal, which can be wall mounted. This setting will save space.

The interior of a small bedroom in the Khrushchev is not necessary to load the luxurious lamps, which have a large amount of crystal pendants. The best option is a small chandelier, which is fixed to the ceiling. On the ceiling you can install a few spotlights.

The walls in the bedroom can be decorated with a few small photographs and shelves. Shelves can be placed around the TV, which put small decorative elements.

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