A man with a young son repaired the corridor gave a great example and do everything carefully.

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Many will agree that to show an example to your children is very important, especially when it comes to guys. Accustom to work you need an early age, and joint repair apartments perfectly suited for this.

Before repairing the hall was not the murdered, just very shabby and had already refresh than a man and a engaged, with his young son in all helped, naturally aid was symbolic, but still together fun.

During the work removed all the old wallpaper, dismantled from one corner of the old cabinet, or rather it was a niche in which the door is made and used as a closet.

The walls are neatly plastered, as one of the openings, it was decided to do less, have plasterboard and metallostruktury reduce the opening.

Then had to putty walls, align them and prepare them for finishing.

Next on the walls pokleit white wallpaper, suspended ceiling and spotlights.

Do-it-yourselfers, and used inexpensive materials, but it still turned out pretty neat.

interior doors, too, replaced by new ones, the choice fell on the same light tone.

In addition, the white color significantly expands the space, it was possible to place a huge sliding wardrobe in which was able to hang but just all the things the whole family, but still have a bunch of space for boxes and other trivia.

And to the left of the front door successfully put a small shelf for shoes, so that the floor will no longer be facing a heap of couples who thus occupy a lot of space.

Here is such a repair man with a young assistant, best of all was that my son was fascinated by the repair as well as father, and the father is not lazy and wanted to show a good example of a child, a spouse in this situation was the winner, definitely.

Photo source: https://vk.com/photo-39345508_457458818?api_access_key=d1f656d7b4a6c0d863

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