Top 3 reliable German mechanical watches

Hello everyone! In this article I will tell you about three high-quality watches from German brands that work on mechanics.

Almost all products from Germany are famous all over the world for their unsurpassed quality and reliability. The same fate has not spared the clock.

German watch brands are among the best alongside Japanese and Swiss brands. Especially BOCCIA is worth, they make watches out of titanium with cool characteristics, and the prices are just ridiculous.

So I decided to choose 3 models from quality German brands that are mechanically driven.

Hope you like the models I have selected.

Boccia Titanium 3613-02

The model from Boccia opens our top. It is the cheapest and simplest model in the collection, but it also has a great classic design and a window in the dial to watch the movement.

Mechanism - mechanical self-winding
Housing - titanium
Bracelet / strap - leather
Water protection - 50WR
Glass - mineral
The size - 42 mm

The advantage over other models is the titanium case. But at the same time, the watch does not have any additional functions, unfortunately. Although for some it may be, on the contrary, a significant plus.

Iron Annie 53661

The next model is from POINTtec, an old German watchmaker renowned for its quality. At first glance, this model seems as simple as the first, but not everything is so simple.

Good functionality is hidden behind simplicity and vintage.

Mechanism - mechanical self-winding, caliber Miyota 8205
Housing - steel
Bracelet / strap - leather
Water protection - 100WR
Glass - mineral reinforced
The size - 42 mm

The watch has a window with the date and day of the week, as well as a heart rate monitor scale. Therefore, this watch is perfect for your grandfather or elderly father. A watch with such a scale is often called a doctor's watch.

Zeppelin ZEP-72645

This is not the first time the following model has appeared in my selections, but at the same time it is so chic that it is impossible to pass by. Personally, I really like her design, which combines both sporty and classic style.

Mechanism - mechanical self-winding, caliber Miyota 9015
Housing - steel
Bracelet / strap - leather
Water protection - 200WR
Glass - sapphire
The size - 42 mm

If you look at the characteristics, then this watch perfectly balances between price and quality. There is also a unidirectional rotating bezel and date display. High water resistance makes the watch an excellent choice for swimmers.

Thanks for reading to the end!

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