Mom's pension was raised by 600 rubles, and prices for greenhouses increased by 60%, Chinese OSB sawdust 2600 per sheet

There will be no new ideas or homemade gadgets today, today there will be a different topic. No, not questions about where such prices come from, but answers and a forecast of what will happen next. Information from trusted sources, not from a grandmother from a shop.

Earlier I did not consider OSB for some kind of serious material at all, well, they collected sawdust from the floor, poured chemosis and the sheet is ready. Not only is this material insanely harmful, but also insanely expensive! Unreasonably expensive!

Yesterday a friend from the Murmansk region called and said that nature reserves are being cut down, and the price per OSB sheet is 9 mm. = 2299 rubles. Seriously?

But now, I have the most expensive toilet in the area, completely sheathed with this material)

But what can I say, the price has gone up for everything: plastic, polycarbonate (insanely more expensive) Previously, the production of a greenhouse cost 14k, and now it is 22,000 rubles.

Well, well, I myself am now in active construction, a lot of work, money is like water, I do not have time to count. If earlier, I could build a small house, now, I do not have enough to build a garage.

The walls were made of drywall, because the price for it has not yet risen, 380 rubles per sheet. Well, maybe it has risen, but not significantly.

And now attention friends! Along the way, I work for a construction company selling roofing and facade materials.

No, this is not a board 150 * 50 'it's just 56'000 rubles)))
No, this is not a board 150 * 50 'it's just 56'000 rubles)))

So, I can safely say that the price of profiled sheet and metal tiles will rise in July. This was announced by one of the directors for commercial development of the largest plant for the production of these products.

What happened? Why, in the richest country, people are forced to build houses from straw? What's in store for us? Bankruptcy of construction companies, a kitchen corner at a price of 50,000 rubles, a wardrobe in the corridor for 40,000 rubles, etc.

They will try to keep prices down, but they will never be lower) This has never been and will never be ((( There is something to add, I will be glad to hear in the comments!

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