Soviet boys even knew how to talk with their motors. I share the trick

It was not so easy to break Soviet toys - the structures were rude, but durable. If anyone managed to break it, then the resulting parts were immediately left for other homemade products. There was practically no waste technology. It was a special happiness to get an electric micromotor from a toy.

Some did not stop there and disassemble the micromotor further. It turned out one or two magnets and a dozen propellers, which were put on the tip of the pen.

spinner of our childhood
spinner of our childhood
spinner of our childhood

Many boys were not such barbarians and tried to make good use of the motor they had got. Of course, in large cities they were sold separately in the stores "Detsky Mir", "Young Technician", "Do It Yourself", etc., but such goods did not reach small towns.

True, just once and we were lucky. Some "smart" uncle ordered to produce compact fans on batteries, but people categorically did not want to buy them. So the stores had to sell at a discounted price, to which we were very happy - we bought everything up and immediately removed the most valuable thing - the micromotor.

First of all, we fitted these engines to various "non-motorized" cars, boats and crafts.

When it got boring, they began to invent their own cars that could crawl, roll, and even move by jumping.

Attached to the motor a light bulb from a flashlight, wound a thread on the motor shaft and pulled. The thread spins the shaft and the motor turns into a generator - the light is on. Competed for whom the light bulb burns brighter.

They put the gear from the clock on the motor shaft - a circular electric saw was obtained. She did not saw wood, but she tore the paper to shreds very effectively, especially if you put more stress on it.

They did not connect to a 220 Volt outlet, they tried it before us and told the consequences in detail. They also tried to make a generator for a bicycle headlight before us - the micromotor quickly collapsed from this mode of operation.

One of the beautiful days, an idea came to my mind: why not use the voltage in the radio socket - it's small! I did not know the exact value of the voltage, but since it does not shock when touched, it means small. He carefully summed up the wires, cautiously connected..., and instead of twisting, he began to talk)))

So the micromotor turned into a headphone.

From the radio socket to the bed, I laid two enameled wires along the baseboard and fell asleep at night listening to radio broadcasts. I decided to show off my find at school, but I was upset - the boys already knew this trick.

Much later, I learned that experiments were being carried out in the United States to create motor-driven low-frequency speakers. The prototypes have been used in major discos and have received good reviews. True, there were capacities of several kilowatts.

Once I came across an interesting story of a man online. A neighbor in the garage gave him a solid box from the Soviet times, sealed.

Inside the box, there is such a wealth in the amount of 336 pieces.

In our childhood, for such a treasure, the boys would give not only their homeland, but also their souls to the devil without looking.

If suddenly someone forgot the names of the parts:

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