What pitfalls can emerge after buying a used smartphone

The cost of gadgets this year is definitely hitting some unknown records: the consequences are affecting unfavorable epidemiological situation, as well as a shortage of chips due to the growing popularity cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, people have a reasonable desire to buy used equipment, including smartphones. But not everything is so simple. I'll tell you about the problems that may arise after buying a used smartphone.

In general, any problems of computer technology (and a smartphone, after all, it is a small computer) are divided into hardware (related to hardware) and software (with applications and the operating system).

So what could be with a used smartphone?

1. Hardware problems.

In the first place: failure of the charger connector.
On the second: breakdown of the microphone / speaker. As a rule, this occurs as a result of contamination / ingress of liquid into the technological holes.

The headset socket, by the way, can also "suddenly break" (depending on the "position of the debris inside"). If the screen is glass, then small and almost invisible cracks can also go further and disrupt the operation of the sensor. By the way - partial failure of the sensor is also common in used smartphones.

Also, over time, the smartphone may lose the network, the Wi-Fi signal is unstable, or have problems with the SIM card. Sometimes, an operator suddenly refuses to work on an old smartphone. This is most likely due to the newer software of the sim card.

Less common hardware problem: memory degradation. The smartphone has a read-only memory, it works like a flash memory and has a limited number of rewriting cycles.

If you actively used a smartphone before you, then there may already be degraded cells in the memory chip, and the more there are, the more problems. It is extremely difficult to diagnose such a problem before purchasing: for a smartphone model, you need to select the appropriate software that will analyze it.

Well, the "cherry on the cake", of course, is the battery. If it is not removable, then most likely you will need to carry the device to a service center in order to install a new battery.

It can cost a pretty penny. By the way - in my practice, there were cases when a used smartphone's power controller failed due to the fact that before me, apparently, they used non-original chargers.

2. Software problems

In the first place is the obsolescence of the device. It seems that 3 years ago there was a powerful smartphone, I wanted to buy it, there was no money. Bought this year and were disappointed - that's not the same. The reason is that applications and the operating system are evolving: new functionality is added, more beauty and animation appear, and everything is developing rapidly.

Of course, you can pick up applications from those years, but not all of them will work. In any case, after buying a used smartphone, you definitely need to do a hard reset.

It is also worthwhile to understand that there is no longer any point in buying a used gadget with Android version lower than 9th, since Google no longer supports these versions.

Output: you can buy used smartphones if the model was released no more than 2 years ago. Anything older may already have various problems. It is also of course important how the device was operated before you.

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