How to choose a used smartphone and what to look for

Prices for new gadgets are breaking records, so I decided to tell you what to look for when choosing a used smartphone. So to speak, make a guide. Perhaps this will help someone.

Let's split the publication into points at once, so that it is convenient to read.

1. Device model.

You shouldn't definitely buy a gadget that was released more than 3 years ago. It is worth taking a closer look at the top-end devices of those years - used ones will cost much cheaper, and their "power reserve" is on average up to 5 years. You should definitely not take a smartphone with a version of Android below the 9th: everything below is already morally outdated. Also, before choosing, it is worth reading reviews on the network, perhaps this device has a number of problems.

If you are going to take an "apple" gadget, then I recommend taking an iPhone no older than version 7, better than 8, because 7 with the latest iOS update is already noticeably slowing down.

2. Smartphone appearance

Particular attention should be paid to the appearance of the gadget. The first thing we look at is the screen. Especially the corners. I recommend bringing a powerful flashlight with you to inspect the screen for small cracks. Especially if it is glass: the crack can spread further.

Also look at the holes: for the charger, for the headphones, as well as the microphone mesh. If you see a lot of dirt, then you should take a closer look at a smartphone with a neater owner. It would be a plus if the device was always carried in a case.

Chips on the sides of the smartphone indicate that it has fallen. Yes, this "Redmishka" fell on the asphalt 3 times without a cover.
Chips on the sides of the smartphone indicate that it has fallen. Yes, this "Redmishka" fell on the asphalt 3 times without a cover.

Also, the case requires a little attention: ideally, there should be no traces of falling (chips) and attempts to open the gadget without a special device.

The smartphone was worn without a cover. This can be seen by contamination in the technological holes.
The smartphone was worn without a cover. This can be seen by contamination in the technological holes.

3. Checking your smartphone

You will need to do:

The first is to reboot the device so that the tests are object-based, and then step by step:

- Make a call to check the functionality of the microphone and speaker. Do not forget to also check the speakerphone and the headset jack: all you have to do is plug in the headset and make the same call.

- Check the camera: take several pictures near and far (if the device has more than 2 cameras), as well as record a short video and see if there will be sound on it;

- Connect the charger several times and see if the smartphone will pick it up right away. For example, the iPhone has problems with the charging socket, it looses over time, and repairs at an authorized service center cost decent money.

- Turn the brightness to maximum and check the display for rudiments: possibly at max. brightness there will be some problems with the screen;

- Start the video, see if it will slow down and freeze. Include YouTube app and video in maximum quality. If after a couple of minutes of viewing the device heats up noticeably, then there may be some hardware problem. You can also launch any game, but here it all depends on the power of the device;

- Measure the speed of the Internet, it is advisable to check both the mobile Internet and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (try connecting a headset).

- It is also worth paying attention to the response time of the screen: if it is too long, then the smartphone may freeze, and if the screen reacts to pressing from the 2nd time, then it means there are problems with the sensor.

- Check other sensors / sensors and functions: fingerprint sensor, face unlock, GPS, brightness sensor, vibration mode.

I will say right away about the battery: I personally consider it a consumable. There are many apps that show battery wear and tear, but they are not objective. Yes, of course it is worth displaying the charge level as a percentage and monitoring how quickly it will discharge during the test of the device. The faster this process takes place, the worse.

It is advisable to buy a used smartphone directly from the owner: it is quite easy to calculate it by looking to see if there are other sale advertisements on its phone number. It is also desirable that the complete set is as complete as possible - this will reduce the risk that the device was obtained by the owner illegally.

If I suddenly forgot something - add it in the comments.

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