What to do if the Internet slows down on your smartphone

It often happens that the Internet on a smartphone starts to slow down. In this article, I will cover the main problems with Internet speed over a mobile network connection.

Perhaps it will help someone solve their internet problems. First, let's look at the main reasons why the Internet can slow down on a smartphone:

1. Long distance to the nearest base station. As a rule, this is indicated by the number of sticks next to the name of the cellular operator.

The more there are, the better the connection should be.

You can see the distance to the nearest base station using various applications, for example, "Cell towers, locator"
You can see the distance to the nearest base station using various applications, for example, "Cell towers, locator"

2. The type of connection also affects: the maximum for today is 4G (LTE), but it happens that a smartphone is connected using outdated 3G or even 2G technology. This is indicated by the inscription in the status bar. It can be like this: 4G, LTE, 3G, 2G, Edge (or just E) and GPRS.

3. The smartphone is obsolete, flash memory degraded. It should be understood that modern applications on an outdated device will generally slow down both the Internet and the entire smartphone.

4. The smartphone is too overloaded: too many applications are turned on and connected to the network, the operating system or applications are being updated.

What to do if the Internet slows down on your smartphone?

Check how far the nearest antenna is.

There are applications for this: Opensignal, Cell Towers, Coverage, Base Stations. Ideally, a good signal quality will be obtained if the tower is at a distance of up to 200 meters or up to 500, but in a straight line. I also recommend switching the smartphone several times to "flight mode" (airplane mode) and see if it switches to the nearest antenna. Such a maneuver sometimes helps not only in terms of switching, but also in terms of changing a cell (cell).

You can also try to change your location, but if the Internet does not work well in an apartment or in a house, then you can try to leave a request to the telecom operator. The equipment is now often common, and if the problem is that "Megafon does not catch, but Beeline catches normally," it may be that Megafon allocated fewer cells to the current base station than Beeline. Sometimes, the issue is resolved by a request to the operator.

For remote regions, you already need to take a closer look at various cellular signal amplifiers. Also, sometimes the Internet barely works on 4G (LTE), then you can try switching to 3G or even 2G in the settings (in order to at least check your mail or receive a message in the messenger).

I also recommend checking the amount of free space on the device: the less it is, the overall will slow down everything, including the Internet. You also need to check which applications are currently "consuming" the network. To do this, you need to install the All Connections application:

The app will show all current connections.
The app will show all current connections.

And unload unused applications.

You can also temporarily put your smartphone into "flight mode" (airplane mode) and there may be a problem with the brakes of the Internet somewhere will go away (this happens, you can try to carry out the procedure several times, perhaps the base station will give the device another honeycomb).

If all else fails, you can try doing a hard reset in the settings. First, you need to save all the data and remember which applications were installed.

It is also worth understanding that the Internet will not work quickly on a morally outdated device: the amount of RAM and processor power also affect the network speed. After all, the Internet is developing so rapidly that sometimes sites on an old computer will open very slowly. Sometimes 4G (LTE) works very poorly, but 3G will be better and you can switch from 4G to 3G in the device settings.

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